katiekins (badkitty1782) wrote in prog_threats,

not sure if this is on-topic . . .

I've asked about this in a couple of other computer-related communities, but I haven't gotten any real help. Here's he post I put in my personal journal (under a cut in case it's too off-topic . . . I don't know much about computers):

Yahoo is being un bag de douche and my password isn't working . . . and neither are the new passwords I got from 'em. I just need to make sure I don't get signed out of Y!M if I want to talk to people on there. But, mail and groups are out of the question because I have to sign in for 'em. I contacted Yahoo and they should get back to me soon, I hope. It supposed to take up to 24 hours for new passwords to take effect, but that still doesn't explain why my old one wasn't working when I had just used it 30-ish minutes ago. ARGH. Is anyone else having this problem? I changed my address on here to my Hotmail (aka junkmail) address so I can still get comments and stuff from people. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

edit: none of my Yahoo user ids' passwords are working!

I have also tried logging in on the other PC and the laptop in my house, and still no luck. I thought it could be some sort of virus or something . . . I don't know. No one else seems to be having this problem.
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