Amanda (pezzy387) wrote in prog_threats,

Spyware and viruses galore

So, lately I load Internet Explorer just to be greated with the following:

-My homepage loading to a search page with the url "about:blank"

-A boatload of popups informing me that I have spyware

-An error window that announces that an "se.dll" file loaded improperly

-A pop-up from Norton announcing that Trojan.StartPage has been successfully deleted (yet it comes back everytime I load Explorer)

-A "Magic Search Toolbar" that has installed itself on my computer

-A folders full of bookmarks added to my Favorites

So, I run PestPatrol and it lists the following "pests":

-"GoHip" a hijacker

-"I-Lookup Directory" another hijacker

-"I-Lookup?" yet another hijacker

I've run Norton, deleted files through PestPatrol numerous times, and nothing seems to work. How do I get rid of this junk?
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