myheartyrhammer (myheartyrhammer) wrote in prog_threats,

viruses include: win32.parite.2, trojan.keenValAd, and backdoor.generic.665

A friend of mine sent me a Mcafee virus scanner through aim, and it didn't really work, cause it said that I had no viruses, but my computer is going way too slow, and I can't update my windows service packet at all, and sometimes my internet explorer shuts itself down, which is extremely annoying. But then I downloaded a free virus scanner from the internet called stop-sign something[?] but it doesn't delete the viruses, it only detects the infected files. It said that I had 465 viruses, most of them were windows files. I was wondering if you guy knew of any freeware antivirus programs that might be able to fix my computer :\

thank you.
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