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My computer is infected with viruses (virii?) and worms galore. At first it had W32Netsky.C@mm, then I guess I got rid of it . . . but there's still other stuff on it that I can't get rid of, mainly adware. I use ad-aware religiously, but it doesn't get rid of everything. I've also downloaded a trial version of Norton Anti-Virus, but it is unable to delete some possible virus threats. Then there's this TechPro thing . . . which I think I downloaded to get rid of the Netsky thing . . . but I don't really know how it works. Oh, and there was a Netsky remover I downloaded from the Symantec website, which I think is why the Netsky thing is gone. I'm using the Panda ActiveScan too . . . and it detected (and I guess deleted) a Trojan Horse. Something still isn't right though. I know there's still stuff on here (especially adware . . . grr). I'm also getting E-mails appearing to be from myself on my various E-mail accounts. Plus those damn pop-ups tat my pop-up killer won't kill. My mom's had issues with worms, viruses (virii), and such before and our computer guy took care of it . . . but I'm a bit nervous about having him looking at mine since I have some ::ahem:: questionable material on my computer (hey, I'm 22 years old. I'm allowed to look at naughty-bad stuff if I want to). Sooo . . . help! I don't know if I need to go buy a hardcore virus killer or if there's freeware online I can get or not. I don't like dowloading so much stuff on here since one of the things I downloaded to get rid of the virus early on ended up having spyware galore on it, which is probably my problem now. I also don't really understand when I should be turning "system restore" off or not. Some directions recommend doing it before scanning the files, but then I'm not sure when I should turn it back on. Can someone help me out? Please???
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