coexist_love (coexist_love) wrote in prog_threats,

I have a problem...

I got an e-mail from my mail delivery subsystem:

You have a virus in your email, we will not deliver your mail item to [insert sender e-mail]. Please fix your
system before sending additional emails (virus found Win32:Netsky-AF [Wrm] SOAC Systems)
The original message was received at Thu, 6 Apr 2006 10:23:18 -0700
The message was sent from: [insert my e-mail here]
The message was sent to: [insert sender e-mail]

The virus found was: Win32:Netsky-AF [Wrm]

but when I scanned my computer it said there was nothing wrong. I scanned it with both nortona and AVG and neither said anything about it. Should I be concerned. I should also mention that I don't know the e-mail the message was sent to so this is an even bigger concern for me.

Please help. Much appreciated.
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