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For Spybot users

This note was sent around today at my work, where we use Spybot daily:
I don't know if you guys are aware, but recently I discovered that both Spybot and Adaware are beginning to remove, or at least ignore, certain malware threats via updates. Obviously this is a double edged sword. The updates are needed to get rid of new stuff, but it seems these companies are building in patches in the updates to decrease functionality. I'm not sure this is fixable in Adaware, but it is in Spybot (thus far, anyway). Some things it's set to ignore include and MySearch; both are things that you'd want to remove.

1. Open Spybot and make sure the mode is set to 'advanced.'
2. On the bottom left side, choose 'settings.'
3. Click on 'Ignore Products.'
4. You should now see a bunch of different tabs for different types of threats (Keyloggers, Hijackers, LSP, etc).
5. Scroll through each tab and make sure that NO entries are checked. A checked item means that Spybot will not even DETECT it as a threat upon scanning.
I checked this out after receiving the email and found that a brand new install (after updates) will have 3 instances of New.Net being blocked, but nothing else. Unfortunately, I can't remember which tabs they're in, and I've already unchecked those entries on this machine, so you'll have to look, but it's not brain surgery. Nothing huge, especially since New.Net seems to be one of the few crapware progs that will actually work with Add/Remove, but it's something to check after doing an update.
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